Starbucks Cheating With Ice?

With the consumption of cold beverages going on the increase, it is no surprise that the products of Starbucks have started to be questioned. A lawsuit was filed by a woman saying that Starbucks is not giving out the right quantity of beverage people are paying for and are instead being fooled by the amount of ice put in cold coffee beverages.

 “Starbucks is misleading customers who expect to receive the amount of fluid ounces advertised,” the lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in a federal court.

She added that “for instance, it’s like paying for a gallon of gas costing 3 dollars and getting half a gallon instead at the same price.

It was claimed that people who get beverages at Starbucks do not get their money’s worth when it comes to the amount of coffee and ice put in the beverage. This situation, however, does not only cover cold coffee beverages but also iced tea and other cold beverages served at Starbucks.

A representative of the Starbucks went on the defense saying that “we are aware of the claims made by the customers, who we believe to be without proof. Our customers understand and expect that ice is an essential component of any iced beverage. If a customer is not satisfied with their beverage preparation, we will gladly remake it.”

There are various cold beverages that are sold at Starbucks and customers most of the time have no problem with the service delivery.

On the other hand, the plaintiff claims that little amount of coffee put into the preparation of the beverage while the rest of the quantity is filled with ice. Her main concern here is the ratio of the ingredients use during preparation.

This lawsuit however, came after debates were had over the size of sandwiches sold at the subway.

The lawsuit against Starbucks, in essence, is about the consistency and correct measurement of ingredients when preparing beverages.

“The amount of fluid ounces in a cold drink is a well-known fact that consumers would be concerned about”. The plaintiff went on to say that if she was aware of the actual ice to coffee ratio, she would not have paid the total amount for the beverage.


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