Vancouverites Putting Up Xenophobic Behaviour

According to the writer and the previous director of Urban Development Institute, David Allison; the implementation of the recent 15 per cent sales tax in Vancouver has caused most to exhibit racial discrimination in the province.

As a writer for the UDI, David commented that as a native of Vancouver, he is not happy and is embarrassed at the behavior  some of the people in the city are putting up. He wrote; “The tax seems to have encourage a crazy spike in racism, mostly targeting Asians.”

Despite the Asian investment that majorly contributes to the housing sector in Vancouver, the diversity of Vancouver should be upheld and xenophobic behavior should be checked, or it will make it difficult for the debate on foreign investment to be addressed.

To sum it up, the real estate sector has a role to play and needs to fight xenophobic attitudes that are increasing by the day due to the foreign tax endorse, such should not be tolerated.


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