Couples Relocate because of Increasing Prices In Vancouver

Marla Clarke and John Duchow have always wanted to purchase a house in Vancouver, however, the increasing prices drove them away as they could not afford the prices they were given. This has caused them to become real estate refugees, as the ever-increasing market has sent them packing.

Both Clarke and Duschow looked east to St. John’s, the couple made the move and bought a three bedroom, with a three bathroom inclusive heritage house on Patrick Street in downtown St. John’s with about 2,500 sq. foot .

Duschow commented on a radio show; “It was very nice to be able to come to a place where you can acquire a slightly larger piece of land or a house for a very affordable price in the grand scheme of things.” They had no chance of buying a house in B.C. even though they had been saving for it. The couple later hired a real estate agent who got them a house worth $310,000, which is way cheaper than the price of homes being sold in Vancouver.

Clarke said: “It’s crazy, the price difference here. I had friends and co-workers that were buying vacant lots with condemnable houses on them for $1.2 million, and that’s not even close to being in the downtown corridor.”


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