Canada to spend $218M on Invest in Canada Hub

Canada is aiming at improving on its economic status as the International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland revealed that $218 million will be used to draw in more investments through the Invest in Canada Hub.

The $218 million will come from the federal governments five years savings which is intended to used as an attraction for more investments. The plan of the federal government was revealed during the previous fiscal update.

The agency is however anticipated to begin operations in the coming year and will be the epicenter for investment transactions which will increase on the employment level and also boost on economic growth.

According to Freeland, Canada will be able to draw in investors from all over the world and the agency will represent all immigrants and will create room for new businesses.
As the current Canadian real estate growth is insure of what the future hold, Canada is sorting out other options to boost on its economic growth.

With more investments coming into the country, Canada might take the lead as the only developed nation that will be able to provide a secured business opportunity which does not limit any investor.


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