Laneway properties might be the answer to Toronto’s housing crisis

As Toronto continues to sort out solutions to the housing crisis, the city is considering laneway homes as a means to curb the current situation as advocates claim that laneway properties could be used as rental units.

The proposal which is currently up for public discussion seems as an opportunity for many to turn around things in Toronto.

In an effort to address that housing problem faced by Toronto, the city is going through all possible avenues that can be applicable to make housing more affordable. The city is also reevaluating several laws pertaining to underused lands and laneway properties are just one of such.

This may sound as good news for many but Alex Sharpe, one of the co-founders of the policy group coordinating the public discussion stated that people should still hold their grips as homes on laneways is not going to bring cheaper houses that people are expecting.

He explained that laneways homes are best used as rental units and unlike basement houses; they have more privacy as the backward acts as a division between the main home and secondary suit.

He went on adding that “laneway homes are an opportunity to improve on the supply level in established residential communities. They have all the necessary amenities in place.”

Canada and most especially cities like Vancouver and Toronto are running out of land to construct new homes and the demand for homes is still on a rapid increase.

Although laneway homes may be a new experience in Toronto, Vancouver, Regina and Ottawa had been given the go ahead to commence building.

In addition, Vancouver even provides homeowners with a thorough guide on how to renovate their homes.

In the past, discussions of laneway properties in Toronto raised a lot of concerns including privacy, emergency access and garbage pick-up.  But this time around laneway advocates have the support of Ontario law.


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