American Crackdown on Weed; May Affect Canada?

We have all been made privy to American‘s plan to rid itself of drugs. But there is flaw in that plan: so-called “crackdown” on legalized marijuana. Whether you want to believe it or not, the drug has great benefits when used medicinally but a lot of individuals do not like the drug. Period. Whether or not it can help a cancer patient eat and keep food down; stop a 4-year’s seizures is not their concern.

President Trump’s administration is working towards stopping the sales of recreational weed, or at least, make it illegal to deter folks from endulging in it.

This step is straightening Jeff Mooij’s back as he sits up to better see the pending destruction. Mr. Jeff Mooij is a Calgarian learning about the weed business in the American state of Colorado which is one fo 8 states that has legalized the susbstance.

According to Mooij, this could “hurt Canadian companies that are focused on doing things the right way here in Canada”.

But on the other hand, Americans might come up north to buy weed. It is a gamble at this point.

Canada is planning on having a recreational market for marijuana.


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