Can investments outlive a Toronto Real Estate crash?

Bank of Montreal chief economist Doug Porter set aside all pretenses when he stated that the Toronto real estate market is going through a housing bubble. On February 15, he expressed that the Toronto housing market and other nearby markets are going through a housing bubble.
The average home price in the city rose to 22.6% in January which is the fastest increase since the 1980s. But Porters warning was just a confirmation on what other market onlookers, experts and analysts have been projecting.
It has gotten to the point when stating that the real estate market is way expensive that everyone agrees to.
Comments about the real estate market have been an ongoing one but for home owners in Toronto, they are very pleased on watching their home values increase. Who would not like such an increase?
But this is not a good sign for many investors that have heavily invested in the real estate market. They are getting involved in great risk while incurring more debts to participate in the real estate market.
Many real estate investors will go bankrupt if there is even a 20% decline in the real estate market. Hence investors should find ways to ensure that their investments survive if a housing crash occurs.
However, home buyers can avoid this scenario by selling and renting. It is an obvious fact that homeowners with home values above 20% are not willing to sell their property or move to another property but they should consider doing so.
Homes with high value are expected to drop more if a housing crash occurs.


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