Toronto agents taking a new approach to market new condos

Condo properties unlike other house types are quite available on the real estate market.  The condo market is booming as other house types are in short supply.

Even though this might come as good news for sellers and agents involved in the kind of transactions, it however, puts other properties on the market on the sidelines.

According to Jim Ritchie, executive vice-president, sales and marketing at Tridel, “it’s no longer news tat condo choices is very popular for varying reasons aside from the fact that they are all over the place.”

But this creates high competition among real estate agents trying to attract buyers to their properties. Hence agents are coming up with creative ideas to market their properties.

This is why Tridel will be introducing Via Bloor which will get clients an insight to the homes available in the neighborhood.

Prospective buyers can get the opportunity to see everything about the neighborhood.  It gives buyers an insight about the neighborhood they might want to settle down in.

Another interesting technique real estate agent such as Gladstone Media are making use of is the Bond. According to Jeremy Gladstone, the firm puts prospective buyers into the reality of the real estate world including providing photos for their ad materials, completion for artists to create ads and video collection that portrays what the area provides.

There are more strategies used by real estate agents to market their homes in the market to keep them on top of the heated competition to attract buyers.


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