Seat Bidding becomes Air Canada’s Business Bae

AUC has finally dropped yet another Bid Upgrade program, this time it’s available on Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge, and Air Canada Express Flights with hopes of rolling out to other airlines during summertime.
Basically, the sole aim of this bid is that it allows all kinds of economy class ticket holders to get a chance to swipe into the higher cabin class.
Now, with this Bid, customers have a limited time of 96 hours to make changes in their flight other by using an online form, as far as they have confirmed that their flights fit into the profile of the Bid program. When the request is submitted, an email would be sent within the next 48hrs to inform customers if their request was accepted or declined.
Apparently, this offer comes with a hard to part with side attraction. When you are chosen you get first class services like, priority airport services, a larger seat, and an extra legroom. Normally, on Air Canada Rouge, a premium economy seat comes along with premium meals and soothing beverages such as; assorted variety of wines and gourmet cuisines plus skin care products, and necessary kits for a comfortable flight, however, with an international business class upgrade, things like convenient check-in and a full flat bed are made available.
But, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. First of all, to get into this position, you’d have to submit the highest offer price you can afford, now after this, the availability of a seat would be checked, and if it’s available, the airline would then check the number of offers it has received for that seat and finally give the chance to the highest bidding entry.
If you are up for a time of your life, and you are quite buoyant enough for it, then why not join the contest and see if you are your lucky charm.


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