Courts Convicts Toronto For The First TIme

For the first time ever, the Toronto’s city municipal and licensing department has secured its first conviction of a landlord under an interim rental zoning code of practice.

Followingthe ancient bylaw, rentals should last 7 days or more in the North York area of the city, however, 2391324 Ontario Ltd. pleaded guilty of renting a property under their ownership for 4 nights at the Toronto East Court in Scarborough.

It is becoming an increasing concern for the city concerning the use of services like Airbnb, hence they are now looking at regulating the law in order for it to reflect these changes.

In regards to 2391324 Ontario Ltd. Sentencing, has been postponed until the month of January as reported, hence the property has been made available on the market. A number of options have been selected by the court, one of which includes payment of a fine of $50,000.


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