How To Make Your Landlord Become Fond Of You

Being in a good jovial relationship with your landlord, can be a very healthy thing in the compound. Do not pretend to make them like you or vice versa. The benefits can be immense if integration is fostered. It can be beneficial through, getting extra attention from your landlord, regular house inspection and up keeping to make sure the house is in good condition. Even though you fail to pay your dues on time, if the relationship is cordial, he/she can be able to be on understandable terms till you are able to pay up. Building that kind of a relationship might seem difficult for you. Notwithstanding, here are a few tips you can use to foster your relationship with your landlord.

#1. Be On Agreeable With Your Neighbour

If you live in a neighbourhood, it is preferable to be on friendly terms with your neighbours. This can translate a positive effect about you, to the landlord. Neighbour’s can be very attentive to their surroundings and they can reflect your attitude to the landlord, which if your behavior is good, can be very beneficial. Should there be trouble between you and a neighbour, solve the issue amicably and admit to your faults.

#2. Give Your Landlord Time.

Patience is a virtue. Hence, if you need your landlord to fix house wrecks or damages and he/she procrastinates, do have patience. On no occasion should you be pestering your landlord. This might not resolve the problem but might feel like intimidation, thus, the landlord might begin to feel irritated, which is not good for your relationship. Be gentle with your approach to your landlord and desist from getting them annoyed.

#3. Show Appealing Attributes Than The Previous Tenant.

There must have been a tenant before you who might have been unruly and recalcitrant. Nonetheless, this might not be to your knowledge, thus our advice is to put up your best performance and see how things unfold. The former tenant might have ignited the bad side of the tenant, you do not have to do that. Endeavor to show good qualities and you will have a great relation with your landlord.

 #4. Handle Things Once In A While On Your Own.

Your landlord might not always be able to sort out all your repair and upkeeps, they might get pretty busy and you will be required to chip in for them. You don’t have to do it every time, but every once in a while will save your landlord the stress and have them love you for lending a hand to help.

#5. Keep The House Spotless And In Good Condition.

Be mindful that you don’t legally own the property but only renting. Therefore that does not warrant you to be careless in treating it anyhow. Your landlord will appreciate and love you for your caretaking abilities, keeping the house clean and having the premises well kept.

#6. Speak to the Landlord Before making any big changes.

Communication is very important in any relationship. It is always better to talk to your landlord before you opt to make any big changes in the house. Don’t expect them to be pleased if you end up changing things you met there on arrival. Inform them before going ahead with the decision, at least they’ll know what to expect.

J C Loum


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