Deloitte, the Global Accounting Firm has been Hacked!

On Monday the Global Accounting firm Deloitte said it was the victim of a cyber attack that influenced the information of few customers, giving couple of details on the breach.

Deloitte said in an announcement that attackers got the information from the company’s email platform, affirming a few details in a report by the Guardian newspaper, which broke news of the hack on Monday.

According the Guardian, the attack which seemed to focus on the firm’s U.S. operations, was discovered in March and could have started as early as October 2016. Deloitte’s announcement did not affirm those details.

Deloitte, which says its clients include 80 percent of the Fortune 500, is the most recent target in a series of breaches including organizations that handle sensitive financial information that have rattled lawmakers, regulators and consumers.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Wall Street’s best regulator, and Equifax Inc, one of the biggest credit-monitoring agencies, this month revealed that classified filings and sensitive individual information were compromised by hackers.

“These are targeted attacks on financial opportunity,” said Shane Shook, an independent consultant who helps financial firms investigate cyberattacks. “This trend is going to continue to grow.”

The firm said it reached government authorities quickly as soon as it was aware of the incident, and told each of the “very few clients” that had been influenced.

Deloitte is a “Big Four” firm that gives bookkeeping, reviewing and consulting services, including advice on mergers and acquisitions. It additionally maintains a cyber security business that enables customers to fend off cyber attackers and examine breaches.


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