Report Shows Strong First Quarter For Banks In Canada

The first quarter reports have been made by banks in Canada, the result for the period showed the positive outcome and strength of the financial lenders, most especially in internationals dealing and operations done outside the country.

The net income of BMO was $1.53 billion, which is a record of $2.28 for each share, surpassing the expectations of a poll done by Reuters of the anticipations of analysts.

In the previous year of the same quarter, the net income for each share was at $1.75. Its management of funds for units and the capital market experienced strength and strong movement.

For the time being, the net income for the Bank of Nova Scotia was recorded at $2 billion, each share being $1.58, an increase from last year’s same period of $1.81 billion ($1.44 each).

The level was just about the expectancy by the analysts, with a strong propelling force for its business globally.


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