Deciding Between Your Life and Your Bitcoin : Bitcoin Robberies Reportedly on the Increase

It seems there are increasing instances of mugging at Bitcoin exchanges worldwide. Just last week, there were reports that a Canadian Bitcoin exchange in Ottawa was invaded by three armed men who asked staff to “give them Bitcoin”.

The situation was quite similar to that of a normal bank robbery but the only difference this time round was that rather than asking for raw cash, the men asked for Bitcoins.  The armed attack of the Bitcoin exchange was reported to the police by an employee who was hiding in one of the offices; this was before the thieves could get hold of the exchange.

The attempted Bitcoin robbery in Ottawa was however not the first of its kind. The first Bitcoin robbery occurred in the UK, in Moulsford, South Oxfordshire at a cryptocurrency trading company. In a similar pattern, four armed men invaded the home of Danny Aston, head of the Aston Digital CURRENCIES Ltd demanding Bitcoins.

Unfortunately, these are not the only distressing Bitcoin robbery incidents happening in recent times. Similar incidents have been reported in New Jersey, Ukraine and in other parts of the world.

It is really an irony that such robberies are taking place at a time the value of Bitcoin has dropped well below its glorious days of over $20,000 in December 2017. For the most of this week, Bitcoin has been averaging below $8,000.

Even though criminal activity is frowned upon in society, one might agree that the move made by the Bitcoin robbers is brilliant nonetheless.  Bitcoin has already gone beyond the expectations of many people familiar with the cryptocurrency markets so perhaps getting this lucrative coin is after all worth all the troubles.


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