Litecoin Aims For Popularization As Price Remains Stable

Litecoin (LTC) once again proved its stability, falling slightly to $127.80. LTC is going through a bit of a phase with low, but consistent trading volumes, and a relatively stable price. The community sees LTC as remaining stagnant while working toward accepting the Litecoin network for everyday payments.

Litecoin inadvertently had a John McAfee promotion, with an anonymous effect on price. But the more big news around the Litecoin project has to do with the LitePal system, which is already approving registrations.

What acted as a negative weight on the LTC price was the fallout with the LitePay startup, where the Litecoin Foundation apologized for not doing enough of what was needed due to diligence.

The other potential avenue for development is the addition of LTC into the Ten X wallet, wallet, with the option for a payment card added. For now, the LitePal platform will have to earn its trust. So far, the solution is in the preliminary registration phase.

The other option for Litecoin payments is LTCPay:

So far, the Litecoin foundation and team, together with Charlie Lee, are busy making the asset famous, while not focusing on the price. Litecoin has also come up with a warning that its price could decline sharply, as it did a few months ago. LTC was expected to vault the $500 level, but it retreated to less than $100 in the February market shakedown, away from a $370 peak.

Using a version of the open source Electrum wallet for any coin hides risks. Third parties may spread corrupted wallets that steal funds. For now, two fishy links were discovered, as users are urged to use the official Litecoin Core wallet and not resort to the questionable downloads from, or


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