Swiss Blockchain Sophia TX Partners with Malaysian Firm for Asia Expansion

Venaco Group, the parent company of SophiaTX/Equidato Technologies AG, and Cheng and Co, a South East Asian accounting and outsourcing service firm have announced their partnership in the areas of B2B business and IT projects.

The two companies agreed to embrace SophiaTX, the blockchain platform which is conveying innovations to industries by extending applications like ERP, CRM and others, to move blockchain technology further so as to quicken business development and opportunities.

Under the agreement, Venaco Group will work together with Cheng and Co to give key business advice and to improve and extend services given to its provincial customer base.

“We’re excited to team up with Cheng & Co as our Asia partner on IT consulting and innovation technology as we believe it will extend our presence and open new doors to opportunities in the market,” said Marian Hires, Managing Partner of Venaco Group and Co-founder of Equidato Technologies AG.

“We share a common goal to address the rapidly changing business and operations needs of our B2B customers. By combining Cheng & Co’s accounting and outsourcing expertise with our skills and industry know-how in ERP, we enable ourselves to deliver a fully-fledged and comprehensive service to customers in this space,” add Mr. Hires.

Venaco Group gives free SAP advisory, implementation and advancement services globally. It has demonstrated abilities for complex SAP programs in assortment of assignments including worldwide changes and move outs, lean executions, recuperation and turnaround circumstances, mergers, restructurings, cut outs, lean activities and support.

“Digital transformation is promising to deliver value to enterprises of all sizes. As businesses expand and grow, it is imperative for businesses to evolve and adapt to technology advances in order to keep pace with the changing global business landscape,” said Tom Wong, Chief Executive Officer of Cheng & Co.

“We have found a great partner in Venaco Group and we believe that by integrating our solutions with its innovative technology, we can create an even more compelling end-to-end value proposition for our clients,” Wong added.

The two businesses expects to gain mutually from the partnership.

SophiaTX is a blockchain platform and marketplace custom fitted for broadening customary applications like ERP, CRM and numerous others with top of the line decentralized blockchain abilities. It is Open Source and contains combination APIs to SAP and other venture applications.

On the other hand, Cheng and Co are one of Malaysia’s biggest home-developed accounting firms. Following its acquisition of over twenty local firms since 1997, Cheng and Co now have 11 office locations in Malaysia and has more than 300 employees on its roll and over 5000 businesses/organizations are on its client list.


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