What Is Goodomy Cryptocurrency?

Making cryptocurrency and blockchain technology more attractive to the majority will always remain a battle. Goodomy has come up with a fascinating method, as they want to present a mining application for customers and offer charge free exchanges. A couple of different highlights are also worth observing, despite the fact that we still need to see how it will turn out.



There are a couple of key features related to the Goodomy projects. It is intended to inspire purchasers to accomplish more, offer more, and be more gainful every day. This project uses the Shopomy mobile application, which is also worth investigating.




The fundamental idea of the Goodomy system is the Shopomy application. It is a retail mining application for purchasers enabling the two purchasers and merchants to lead transactions without paying any charges.


Furthermore, this application will give shoppers a chance to spare a lot of cash on their buys. There will be a discount of no less than 20% on all items recorded on the Shopomy platform, which is very steep. How that will be passed on to retailers precisely is vague. A ton of retailers may not be excessively content with how this is getting down to business, in spite of the fact that it could offer them a few advantages too.


Clients can share deals and ‘hot finds’ with others. Snapping pictures and posting recordings of select items and services will enable customers to be tipped in Goodomy, which is somewhat intriguing. Furthermore, organizations can acknowledge the Goodomy cash in a couple of simple advances, which ought to enhance the general liquidity of this money.




There is still a lot of work to be done before Goodomy and Shopomy going standard. All through 2018, the project will center around enhancing the current foundation, airdropping LOT tokens to GOOD investors, directing beta testing of Shopomy, et cetera. It seems to be an intriguing idea to watch out for, in spite of the fact that it will take until early June for the iOS application to come around.


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