John McAfee ICO Promoter Plans to Run for President

ICO promoter and cybersecurity developer, John McAfee is planning to run for president of the United States in 2020 despite his previous failure. He made this announcement on Twitter.

He noted that his intention to run for the presidency is to help the crypto community and stated that he will run for the Libertarian Party if he is called. In 2016, McAfee was unsuccessful in winning the Libertarian Party’s nominations.

If he is not asked by the Libertarian Party, McAfee, the man who claimed that he will “eat my d–k” if the bitcoin price fails to hit the $1 million mark by 2020 expressed that he will for his own party, an idea that was immediately accepted among Twitter followers.

He was applauded by several tweeters for his decision and guaranteed him that they will give him their support. One tweeter came up with a logo and campaign motto: “McAfee 2020 For A Secure Future.”

Another tweeter proposed that he call the new party “Block Party”, while another gave an “Organic Token,” the equivalent of about $390.85, to his campaign.

McAfee was in line with a tweeter who said that McAfee is a better candidate compared to Gary John, the former New Mexico governor and the Libertarian Party should have chosen him in 2016 instead.

Numerous tweeters were excited about the thought of having a Crypto Party which they say will bridge the gap between them. One tweeter stated that even if McAfee does not win, the campaign will increase the popularity of crypto. Another commented that a strong campaign will impact the price of bitcoin to rise above $1 million.

Another tweeter suggested that the party should be made an international one and not only an American party.

According to one tweeter, by 2020 there will be a huge challenge between the “bankers” and the crypto community, and McAfee is the best person to run for president as he fully understands the new world order.

When questioned if he would run with his own money or ask a community, McAfee responded that he will use his own money.

One of the few critics stated that McAfee will be better off helping people by teaching them on cryptocurrencies and financial futures.


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