Open Alpha Wallet Instituted By Bitcoin Cash-Focused Centbee

From storing to receiving by sending, there are a lot of unique wallets users can choose from in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. Centbee is a firm based out of South Africa. The firm recently launched its own open alpha wallet, which is available for download on the Google Play store. For quite some time now, the firm, which is being backed by the London-based blockchain firm Nchain,  has been building its app. In order for them to get feedback on how well the software is operating, the wallet’s creators would like people to test the open alpha version.

During the Alpha launch, Centbee explained: “We are making Centbee the easiest way to store, spend and send bitcoin cash safely on your mobile phone and we know our fans cannot wait to download it, play around with it and let us know what you think!”

After being tested by, the report that came back on Centbee is that the interface is quite easy to use, compared to some wallets that are very crowded. The wallet offers basic BCH storing, receiving and sending features. To experiment Centbee’s alpha version without losing real funds, you can utilize testnet coins. Testnet coins are available online or you can get them by sending an email to, using “Buzz me!” as the subject title; make sure to include a receiving address in the email. the user gets some BCH  testnet coins as soon as the company gets the email.

Centbee’s team is made up of people who strongly believe in the potential of bitcoin cash. The firm works along with Nchain to develop a merchant Point-of-Sale (PoS) software development kit (SDK) for the worldwide market. During its announcement at the Coingeek conference in Hong Kong, Centbee explained that the SDK will be a set of “open-source tools, processes, and interfaces that software developers and system integrators can use to enable retailers to easily and quickly accept Bitcoin cash at the till-point.”


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