Second-Largest Bitcoin Cash Mining Pool to Set Zero-Fee Transactions

In support of the “Miner’s Choice” initiative, which encourages miners to get rid of the dust limit and begin processing a set amount of zero-fee transactions, two more bitcoin mining pool have confirmed their decision of supporting the initiative.

CoinGeek in partnership with nChain who are the pioneers of the idea revealed on Thursday that mining pools ViaBTC and have given their support to the initiative.

According to reports from CoinDance, ViaBTC is the largest of the three mining operations and also the second largest bitcoin cash mining pool overall with 12.7 percent of the BCH hashrate. Additionally, which is owned by former bitcoin evangelist Roger Ver gave 7.7 percent and 6.9 percent. For the time being, the size of nChain’s mining operations is yet to be known.

Miner’s Choice, in any case, has additional support from over a quarter of the overall bitcoin cash hashrate, signifying forthcoming changes to the BCH network.

According to reports, the suggestion is geared towards initiating the adoption of bitcoin cash by making it possible for users to mark transactions as low as 1 satoshi (0.00000001 BCH, about $0.00001) by getting rid of the 546 satoshi “dust limit.” Furthermore, it encourages miners to process a set number of zero-fee transactions in every block.

The adoption of this suggestion will undoubtedly spike spam in the BCH network, however, the plan’s backers are with the opinion that it will also make bitcoin cash the top cryptocurrency choice of businesses planning to implement microtransactions.


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