3 Lovely Neighborhoods In Vancouver That Are Perfect For Newcomers To The City

If a city is judged by its diversity and culture, we’re proud to say that Vancouver’s neighborhoods take top honors.

#1. Coal Harbour

Although it is in the heart of downtown Vancouver, you will find Coal Harbour a surprisingly easy going neighborhood close to the water’s edge. You will find a very diverse population with locals and visitors mixing together happily near the sea wall. There are many restaurants bars and cafes around and very good public art I must say. Be sure to check out the marina and the harbour seal.

A great way to enjoy the local dining experience is to do as the locals do, try the casual to slightly upscale spots where you will find great cafe’s and pubs full of interesting people to have interesting conversations with.

#2. Chinatown

If you find yourself around Chinatown then it is a must that you try some dim sum at one of the neighborhood’s restaurants. They have a variety of steaming baskets to choose from with the tastiest dumplings, and other goodies you have ever had, while you sip on the classic Chinese tea. What is great about Vancouver Chinatown is the modern twists to the conventional Chinese cuisine with some of the trendier spots. What I can say for sure is that you will find also great cocktails here and some of the best bartenders.

#3. West End

The West End, you shall find deep in the heart of downtown Vancouver which offers visitors great insight into the lives of Vancouverites.  This place has your conventional tourist attractions and activities such as a nice beach and beautiful public parks, one can enjoy a great afternoon biking or kayaking.

Most importantly, (for me at least) in the West End, you can find all kinds of food from all over the world and great pubs and bars.

Anyone who wants to do some shopping will not be disappointed at the West End. This is the place to find high end stores to the local souvenir shops.

These 3 neighborhoods are a great start for any visitor coming to the city of Vancouver for the first time. Who knows, you might even relocate to one of them.


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