5 Things Every Entrepreneur Fears

Starting a business can be very challenging because you face risks at every turn. If you want to be a good one, you have to be prepared for such risks and overcome them. While every entrepreneur has his or her unique business strategy, there are five common fears that they all have when it comes to running a business.

#1. Running out of money

Financial constrains is one of the biggest obstacle faced by entrepreneurs and with good reason. Running a business needs a whole lot of money from the owner or from investors. Not having a reliable source of revenue is one thing, but losing your life savings is another.

#2. Not being good enough

Not a single entrepreneur wants to become a failure. Having fears of not becoming a good business individual, or your products or services deemed not good enough or being driven out of the market by competition can be mind wrecking for most people. But one thing an entrepreneur should be aware of is that new products do not necessarily have to be perfect. They should be acceptable and with time, improvements can be made.

#3. The unknown

You can always get prepared for things you know will happen but what about the unknown? You never have any idea of what will you face as a business individual and this can be terrifying. You just have to put your fears aside and be prepared for what ever comes ahead.

#4. Being overwhelmed

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy lifestyle. It’s a challenge with many rewards along the way and you can get work loaded with so many things you can’t handle alone. But as an entrepreneur you have control over everything and you can hire people like financial advisers to help you to relive some of the work load from your shoulders.

#5. Failing

Failures are learning opportunities and it yields a lesson. When you fall, you get to know how it feels and you learn to find ways to prevent you from falling again. As an entrepreneur, you should never allow the fear of failing to stop you from moving onward. When you fail, start again and do what you do best, and which is winning.


Entrepreneurship is for the fearless because one gets to overcome a lot of risks, stress and hard work. You have to be prepared and strong enough to learn from your fears. It can be very rewarding to own your own business but the journey is not a fancy ride. It entails leaderships and self control, so embrace your fears and learn from them instead of backing out.


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