Why You Should Hire Both Green And Seasoned Employees

The types of employees you hire will have an impact on the growth and productivity of your business organization. This is most likely why most business organizations seek to hire more seasoned employees.

Seasoned employees are employees who have had considerable experience in the field they are being hired for while green employees usually have little to no experience.

Some business organizations require that the majority if not all of their staff, be seasoned workers. While hiring seasoned workers might be of great advantage to small businesses, also hiring green employees in addition is likely to be of more advantage to small businesses in many ways including:

#1. Saving resources

Hiring seasoned employees costs more than hiring green employees because, you would have to indirectly pay for all the years they used to gain the experience you need.  Hence, hiring a few seasoned employees and more green employees would provide you with some experience and cut down costs.

In addition, more seasoned employees are likely to be older thereby likely to be close to retiring thus hiring majority of those employees would have you investing in people who are likely to have to leave your business organization in the near future.

Meanwhile, a greater population of green workers would most likely be made up of youths who have just left school and therefore, they not only have time to give back what was invested in them but because of their age, are more likely to grow with the business organization.

#2. Corporate culture

Employees with a lot of experience have also likely been an integral part of a different corporate culture, and getting them adapt to your own corporate culture might be a bit difficult. Therefore, employing more fresh than experienced employees would give you the opportunity to mold the clay, so to speak, into what you desire for your business organization.

#3. Fresh ideas

Although the wisdom of experience should never be discarded, sometimes people who feel they have seen it all are not very receptive to new ideas. Thus, if all your employees are experienced workers who have seen and known too much, they are likely to be less receptive to whatever fresh ideas you might want to implement. Having fewer employees that aren’t receptive to your new ideas is bound to be advantageous.

#4. Growth

Small businesses are likely to have some teething problems during growth, and having employees who are willing to accept and learn from them is integral to the overall growth and adaptation of the business. Having a team filled with experienced workers is likely to mean they are more familiar with established business organizations and less adaptable to changes you might have to make.


Hiring employees is an important step for small businesses. However, while hiring be sure to have a mixture of both young, green employees and old seasoned workers.


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