How To Hire Brand Evangelists For Small To Medium Scale Businesses

Ever heard the term brand evangelist and wondered what exactly it meant? A brand evangelist is a person who is so passionate about your business that they spend their time and resources, to basically spread the word about you and why you’re simply the best. A brand evangelist may be a staff member or even a loyal customer, but they will not be paid for their extra work.

Having brand evangelists is probably the most effective sales strategy small to medium scale businesses could use, because brand evangelists are those very rare people who can speak about your business or products and services just as passionately as you do. So how do you find them?

#1. Hire the right people

The first thing you need to do is hire the right employees. Obviously, this is not some ground breaking secret, as corporations and organizations spend billions of dollars, every year, searching for and training talented staff. You probably already know just how important it is that you hire the right staff but do you know what it is that makes a great brand evangelist? The key thing that you need to look out for is a genuine passion for the work you do.

When it comes to brand evangelism, nothing beats genuine passion, so you want to look for an individual who has a track record of going out of their way to be involved in the specific type of work you do.

#2. Monitor and give feedback

Once you have actually gone ahead to hire the right candidates, you should give them some space to express themselves. Inasmuch as you may have hired a bunch of new staff who are genuinely passionate about the work you do, a genuine brand evangelist is a truly rare specimen and you will need to carefully listen to your staff to be able to tell just who might be the one.

Give them some space to express themselves and see what they have to say and how they say it. It’s one thing to mindlessly reel off a list of brand values or a sales pitch, but it makes all the difference how you say it.

#3. Give them a tryout

It is important to remember that a brand evangelist essentially does what they do out of a genuine passion for what they do. So you could encourage your staff to express themselves in an external space such as social media to see just how well they take to brand evangelism.

#4. Engage

By this stage you should you should be sure who you think would make a great brand evangelist. You would have seen from the way they speak and the way they engage with your publics just how well they represent your brand. You should engage with these staff by placing them in strategic positions, where they are essentially an identifiable part of the brand.


Having brand evangelists could make a great deal of difference to your business. You can use these tips to help you find and develop just the right individuals to represent your brand adequately.


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