The Four Types Of Neighbors To Look Out For

Owning your own house may be a dream come true but your neighborhood could make it a ‘hell-ever-after’ for you if you aren’t careful.

Gone are the days where you get away with not knowing a single thing about the people around you. That anti-materialistic and spiritually conservative era is gone, these are the days that your neighbors will be sure to make their presence known and sometimes, it’s just… Just unbearable!

Although having manners and being patient with your neighbors is needed, you can’t deny that sometimes they can get under your skin………. sometimes, wayyyy under!

So here are the five types of neighbors to keep an eye out for, and some tips to help you out.

#1. The Unkempt Neighbor

This type will probably not come off as such from the on-set. You may probably need a week or two to notice their character. They may have a problem mowing their lawn or cleaning up their front yard; may have a rusty, old, dirty vehicle outside and a roof in need of some repairs.

The fact is not all your neighbors have OCD and are a stickler for cleanliness and dealing with this type may be a day’s work.

Tip: One word… Communicate! Do not judge them so quickly. There may be a good reason for their behavior so be sure to have a talk with them. Be careful not to come off as nosey or high up there.

#2. The ‘Adolf Hitler’ Type of Neighbor

Okay maybe the ‘Adolf Hitler’ euphemism is a bit much but you probably have an idea what kind of neighbor this one could be.

The dangerous kind. These are the type of neighbors that may seem anti-social and should, by all means necessary, NOT be crossed. Of course, you cannot disassociate yourself with them since they probably live a few doors down; however, take careful note of them. You may not know about their dangerous nature but watch out for anything suspicious.

Tips: Don’t stress yourself out with whether your neighbor is Adolf Hitler junior or not. Just be aware of any red flags that they raise and be sure to check the internet for any further assistance.

#3. The “I’m Rich, You aren’t” Neighbor

No one likes someone else staring down their nose at them. It can get… Annoying! One of such cases is having a super-rich neighbor who for some reason, you can’t keep up with. They’re always buying new stuff, changing up their home décor or something. It can get personal especially if they make a point of how ‘un-rich’ you are or get that GMC or Chevrolet you’ve being saving up for.

And what could you possibly accuse them off? Being rich?

Tip: Cope. That’s probably about the best you could do with such a neighbor. Remember the good things about your life, your house and your family. Of course, everything isn’t as rosy as it seems and just because your ‘Richer than you are’ neighbor is swimming in cash, may not mean that they’re happy. Keep in mind that everything isn’t always what it really seems.

#4. The Invasive Neighbor

You’ve probably met those people who after a day’s greeting, basically out of nicety, are now in your kitchen and refrigerator, grabbing at whatever food stuff they can find, as if they’ve known you for years. They’re all about gossip, probing and prying for any fishy or interesting personal news.

Tip: If they should pop up for a visit, be stern and straightforward with them. Let them know that you don’t enjoy their frequent visits or their language. Try to avoid rudeness. Be blunt but polite.


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