An Old House or A New One?

Taking the step of buying a house is very important for more reasons than one. But one problem arises once you have made up your mind: Do you buy a brand new house or one that needs a lot of TLC?

The choice is up to you. Before going ahead, read the article to be better informed.

Brand New House

Buying a brand new house is good if you are looking to relocate to an unfamiliar neighborhood or town. Also, if you are thinking about starting a family of if you already have kids, buying a brand new house is best since you won’t have the time to get a fixer-upper, up and running.

The pros and cons of buying a brand new house

#1. Pros

If you are buying a new house, the chances of having to deal with faulty wiring or bad plumbing is next to impossible and so you won’t have to put in too much of your own money when you eventually move into the house.

#2. Cons

The specifications of the rooms, kitchen, patio, etc, might not be to your own liking so that’ll mean that in addition to buying the house, you’ll also have to put in extra cash to remodel a few things.

You might as well buy a fixer-upper. You’ll get more for your buck.

A Fixer-Upper

An old house that needs some help getting back into its glory days is normally bought by individuals who are good with their hands- creative people like engineers, plumbers, musician and artists. The feeling of creating what you have in your mind then seeing it before your eyes is very thrilling so if you are such a person, then a fixer-upper is most probably for you.

The pros and cons of buying an old house

First and foremost, you have to make that when you put money into the house after buying it, you won’t be in a bad place- financially. No matter how much money you have, do not be in a hurry when creating a new design around an already-existing one. This is because you’ll end up making mistakes that will cost money to undo and even more money to redo.

Take a full year or two to create your dream house.


As stated before, the choice is entirely yours. Your bank account will determine which of the two is best but if the one you really desire is not possible now, take some time to ‘beef up’ your account and make sure to have extra especially if you choose an old house.

Trust me, you can never tell when you might have an emergency.


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