4 Reasons A New Hire Welcome Package Is Important

Hiring an employee is something many people will have to do at least once in their lifetime. Some would most likely hire someone for personal reasons, whilst others would have to hire for their businesses or as part of an organization.

The New Hire Welcome Package also known as the Employee Welcome Kit and some other different names, differs according to the need of the prospective employer or organization. However it basically includes a welcome letter, information about what is expected from the new employee, holidays as well as payment schedules.

Although some employers, especially individuals and or small businesses, believe the New Hire Welcome Package is unnecessary and unimportant, below are some of the reasons we think otherwise;

1)Tells the employee about you

A New Hire Welcome Package gives you an opportunity to formally let your new employee know your goals and visions. It is an effective and professional way of letting your new employee know where your heart lies. This enables them to align themselves mentally as well as physically to become a part of this goal and vision.

2)Tells them what you expect

Many times employers realize barely, a few months after they just hired a new employee that their new hire has no idea about what is expected of them. Other times these new employees give ‘not knowing what is expected’ as a reason for sub-satisfactory performance. A New Hire Welcome Package clearly outlines your new employee’s duties and makes sure there are no future misunderstandings about expectations and duties.

3)Helps establish a good employer-employee relationship

The employer-employee relationship is mostly a delicate one. Making sure it starts on a professional note is important for maintaining the right balance. A New Hire Welcome Package brings an air of professionalism into this relationship thereby helping to foster professionalism on both sides.

4)Saves you from having to repeat

In any small or growing organization, one would eventually end up having to hire more than one person(probably). Having to orally repeat the same information over and over can be tedious, and not to mention, puts you at risk of leaving out vital information from time to time. A pre-made New Hire Welcome Package, makes sure all your new employees are receiving the same instruction and information, and is easier to update when the need arises.


A New Hire Welcome Package is an integral part of the employment process. Leaving it out creates more work for you, the employer, and can result in receiving sub-satisfactory results from your new employee.


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