Reasons Why Your House Is Not Selling

If you are having bad luck on getting your house off the market, you have to stop and think about what you are doing that is wrong. Depending on how long it has taken, chances are if you were doing the right things, it should take eternity to sell your home considering that housing is a currently a sellers market in Canada. Here are possible reasons why it is taking so long to sell your house.

#1. You are pricing too high

The price of a house goes a long way to determine how fast it gets sold. If you price your house too high, buyers will find it hard to pay for an expensive house especially for first timers. Don’t forget that there are other good reasonable houses out there competing with yours.

#2. Your house is kind of run down

A house in a poor condition will definitely be on the market for a while. Most buyers want a house that need little changes to be done when they buy it. If your house needs major repairs, buyers will run away from it because they might not be ready to foot such bills.

#3. Looks like a notch above a run down

Even though you might have done repairs and all other things to make your house look great, there are certain tell-tale signs that the house will have some problems in the near future. Water marks and cracks can show that there is a problem with the foundation.

#4. Too much of ‘you’ in the house?

It sound means but you want to sell your house to other people that want to see themselves in the house and to put it simply, you are not them. Personalizing your house to a certain extent will make it difficult when you want to sell it because not everyone shares your choice of taste.

#5. The Location of your house is not exactly appealing

Having a house in a bad neighborhood, on a busy highway, near poor quality schools will not make you sell your house in the distant future.  Therefore ensure to get a property in a well situation location before thinking of selling it.



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