Trying To Sell Your House? Don’t Do These Things

The do’s and don’ts of selling a house are so many that you find it difficult to decide which one is more relevant than the other. But don’t be mistaken though because there are certain mistakes that have danger written all over them. These are the kinds of mistakes that make buyers rush out of your house in no time. Want to sell your house with no hiccups?  Don’t do these things and you will be selling your house in a jiffy.

#1. Ignore the front of the house

The proverbial saying that first impressions go a long way is a true fact when it comes to selling a house. If the front of the house is very unkempt and dirty, all good qualities of the house take a back seat to all the mess.  When trying to sell your houses, cut the grass, paint the house and go all way out to make the front exterior endearing and welcoming.

#2. Not giving the buyer space

When a buyer comes in to see a house, they want to picture themselves baking in the kitchen, watching movies in the living room and so on. They don’t want to see you all over the place so take yourself out of the picture. Buyers want to feel free and undisturbed when looking through the house so that they will be able to spot any red flag present in the house. Going through the house peacefully also gives them a chance to come up with questions to be asked.

#3. Having that “lived in” look

When buyers come to inspect a house, remove most if not all things that represent you. It is hard for buyers to see the house properly when all your belongings are all over the place. Having your stuff in the house gives the impression of less space. Instead of distracting the buyers by trying to make them see how homely the place feels, clear the house to give an open space for them to see.

#4.  Allowing odor to prevail

The smell of smoke, pets , personal perfume etc might be appealing to you since you have gotten familiar with it. But it can be pretty offending for outsiders most especially buyers. Home odor varies from different people and so all odor should be gotten rid of when showing the house to prospective buyers. Ensure that the house is well aired and sufficient sunlight is made available to get rid of all funny smells.

When buyers come to see a house, they want to imagine themselves living in the house with their kids playing in the yard. Sellers, on the other hand, can go wrong by falling into the trap falling foul of one of the many mistakes out there that hinder the sale of their house. Perhaps things will be much better if you avoid making these mistakes and focus on the right things that will make you sell the house faster.

These points even apply to For sale by owner.

for sale by owner in Ottawa

for sale by owner in Ottawa


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