Three Innovative Ways To Sell Your House By Using Technology

With the help of high-tech marketing scheme, the chance of successfully selling your house can be significantly increased. Innovative techie tools has made it easier than ever. How so you may ask? Read below to find out more.

#1. Drones

To be able to show off and let potential buyers have a good look of the surrounding of the house, exterior and interior view, a drone will be able to do the job for you. The location of the place matters and counts amongst the important criteria buyers take note of.

Whether it’s a beach house, close to the highway, located in the suburb, etc, all of that counts. Drones can be afforded at a price of $200 to $500 for a shoot. A coverage of the residence and its surrounding can be captured and recorded by the drone. A buyer can decide on whether or not they want to buy the house after seeing a record done by the drone, which can show them any factors that they might find displeasing or either become more interested in purchasing the house.

A real estate drone operation can be hired to carry out the job. Before any record or photo is taken by the drone, ensure the area is properly cleared and set, to be able to market off the property.

#2. Virtual Staging

Gone are the days where you had to set up a well-staged replica of a house that is for sale to interest buyers, virtual staging has come to stay and here is the new thing in town.

With the help of advanced software like Photoshop, one can transform any ordinary room into what you want it to be. A visualised scenario is presented to the buyers to create a vivid scene of the house that is for sale. The house can be prepped with different interior décor styles and themes, which can allow the buyers to experiment settings that best suit them.

The virtual staging is an advanced tool that is flexible enough to transform and turn any house setting and scenario to fit a certain style. The price of setting up a virtual staging usually ranges from 100 dollars per room but can be significantly higher.­

#3. 3-D Tours

Not everyone has the time to go up and down checking different houses listed for sale, there are other things that has to be taken care of and tasks that has to be done. This is where 3D tours comes in, by creating a pathway for buyers, sellers and realtors to use to their advantage.

With 3D tours buyers will not be needed at the premises of the house for sale. They can be able to have a proper view of the house from the comfort of their homes, offices, etc. The safety of real estate agents can be guaranteed and there will be less time consumed. 3D tours are priced at about $200, able to take a 360 video coverage of the house and is very productive when it comes to house showcasing.


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