How Your Property Smells Is Important. (Must-Read For Sellers!)

Getting tenants into your property could be a stressful experience and you will need to be as strategic as possible. You might find this funny and hard to believe, but a renter’s sense of smell could play a role in getting your property filled quickly.

You will need to learn which smells are captivating and powerful, where to look for odors, and what to do to solve your bad-odor problems. Read on to learn more.

Why Is Smell So Powerful?

In an article by the University of Washington, it was stated that the sense of smell is linked directly to “emotional conduct and memory.” That’s the reason certain smells trigger those warm fuzzy feelings, while others make you want to throw-up in disgust. You wouldn’t want a potential tenant to enter your property and instinctively cover their nose. Your aim is for your property to smell attractive.

Dealing with Offensive Odors:

To accurately get a sense of what your property smells like, spend some time away from it because our noses quickly adapt to familiar smells. When you return to the property, carefully observe how it smells, or better yet, get an opinion from someone else. Find a person that is not familiar with the property to come in, and see what they have to say.

6 Places to Check for Odors:
  • Carpets
  • Garbage Cans
  • Hampers
  • Sink drains
  • Hardwood Floors
  • Toilets
Worst Odors:

Most people consider rotting garbage to be the worst odor, followed by a pet’s odor. You would want to ensure that your property space is free from the most offensive odors. Go out and make sure that the garbage is well disposed of. You might also want to wash the garbage can as it could produce a foul odor.

Hardwood floors, and carpets can trap odors. Ensure that you clean all carpets in order to prevent unwanted smells such as tobacco or lingering pet odors.

Igniting the Senses with Pleasant Smells:

It is difficult to find a smell that will appeal to everyone since smell is a highly personal sensation. Some love the smell of freshly pruned flowers, while others might be allergic to it.

Some smells, like lavender, are almost universally acceptable as they are known for promoting relaxing and happy feelings. You can generate these smells by fixing plug-ins or specially scented candles all over the house. You could also place a tray of freshly baked cookies somewhere close to the entrance, right before viewers arrive.



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