Marine Harvest commences value-added production in B.C.

The leading Atlantic salmon fish Production Company in British Columbia, Marine Harvest is to commence a value-added processing facility with will provide consumers with a wider range of seafood and also create more jobs for Canadians.

In an effort to add on the food supply coming from the ocean, Marine Harvest is bond to serve people with more food from aquaculture which includes nutritious farmed-raised salmon.

The new site which is projected to create over 75 new jobs and also process close to 12,000 tonnes of salon will commence its operations in July which will cater for people in Western Canada and the North West U.S.

The main reason behind the formation of the new plant is because of high demand from consumers that want a healthier diet and food.

According to Vincent Ernest, Managing Director at MHC, the new plant will provide consumers with tasty and easy-to-prepare recipes of various salon dishes.

The firm produces one-fifth of the globe’s farm-raised salmon at facilities in Norway, Scotland, Canada, Chile, Ireland and the Faroe Islands.  The company employs over 100,000 people globally and has shares in the New York Stock Exchange.

It has operations in B.C. and Vancouver employing approximately 530 workers who produce 45,000 tonnes of farm-raised salmon annually.

In North America, Marine Harvest is the only that is certified to the Aquaculture Stewardship Council salmon standard and it’s the proud supplier of the well known Sterling premium brand salmon.


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