6 Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Marketing for a small business can be quite challenging, as lots of small business owners try to take cues from the marketing strategies big businesses use. However, this could be a huge mistake, as big businesses usually have a wealth of technical expertise and financial resources to call upon, that the vast majority of small businesses could only dream of.

In general, mistakes can be a positive experience (they help you learn in a lasting way that promotes growth), but you can save a lot of time, energy and money if you can learn important marketing lessons without making expensive mistakes first. Here are common small business marketing mistakes you should try to avoid:

#1. No marketing plan

Small business owners tend to go in head first when it comes to marketing. They don’t make a marketing plan and end up regretting this mistake eventually. Some could be lucky and don’t end up with mistakes, but others, not so much.

#2. Ignoring the competition

There is no way that your business is the only one offering a particular kind of commodity. Your approach to handling, production and distribution of said commodity might be different but the product could be the same all together. Find out what the competition is up to and you could learn something that would enable you market your product better.

#3. Advertising to the wrong people

Time is a precious resource and you shouldn’t waste it talking to the wrong people!  It’s just like a guy trying to woo a girl who isn’t interested: His ego may get deflated and he might shy away from flirting again. Choose the right audience to which you should market your product and watch your business potentially grow.

#4. Not enjoying marketing

Without passion, marketing falls away like a deck of cards. When you don’t put your energy into marketing, potential customers can feel your lack of enthusiasm, and won’t feel compelled to buy your product.

#5. Avoiding social media

Thousands of businesses have flourished by advertising their products on social media. The world is so reliant on technology nowadays, and what better way to advertise your products than to put them on social media channels that attract thousands of viewers daily. Use colorful and relevant pictures, and eye catching words to draw the attention of potential customers.

#6. Not taking advantage of word of mouth

They say bad news travels like wildfire; good news might not travel quite as fast but it does travel too. Encourage your customers to tell friends about your business, and don’t hesitate to do so yourself. Just remember not to be annoying about it.


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