8 Tips For Women To Start Investing

‘To save more money is to make more money’. Words of a financial expert.

Although it may seem like the stock market is a game for men, full of risks, winnings and losses, investment is a sure way of monitoring and calculating your cash flow.

However, making more money is easier said than done but with the following investing tips for women, you’ll be sure to handle the flips and turns and get enough in that wallet of yours.

#1. Educate Yourself

When it comes to investing, men and women show different levels of confidence. It is common for women to not know much about investments, which is quite different in the case of men.

The best way to gain confidence as a woman is by taking steps to better your investment knowledge. Be committed to replacing fear with the self-assurance that comes with learning about investing.

#2. Go For A Workplace Retirement Plan

The best way to double on your investments is by investing in your retirement plans, be it Every dollar that enters these plans reduces current income taxes. The money grows without any tax interference.

Don’t allow fear to prevent you from keeping a reasonable portion of your investments in stock funds. It’s up to you to choose the type of fund, be it target date fund or low-fee index funds.

Acknowledging and overcoming your financial fears will help you avoid the common mistakes of investing too conservatively.

#3. At-Work Investing Education

Most workplaces offer investment education meetings or seminars based on the company’s plan.

Chances are the knowledge you acquire will help you in investing better in your financial life.

#4. Keep Your Emotions In Check

Ben Offit, a certified financial planner with Clear Path Advisory said, “Do not get emotional. When the market is up, know that at some point it will come back down. When the market is down, it will go back up. Just stay in for the long term.”

You must grow comfortable with the fact that stocks and bond funds fluctuate in value. With time, you should be able to properly handle market volatility, especially to not panic and sell out a disadvantageous time.

#5. Do Research Before Making First Investment

As the saying goes, there are way too many fish in the sea, the same applies to mutual funds and stocks. It can be quite stressful to choose funds for your investment portfolio.

Before making your first investment, be sure to do your research and find trustworthy investment tips. You can lay your hands on handy magazines or editions that cover investments.

#6. Take A Test

Start out with a risk-tolerance quiz. This will help you in determining how much risk you can take. With greater risks, you are capable of having stocks with higher returns.

The best way to reduce your risk is by putting some money into bonds and cash which are less volatile.

Knowing your risk-tolerance level aids you in investing accordingly.

#7. Hire A Professional

A key way in learning more about investments is by finding a professional, most especially, a financial advisor to help you go through the process.

There are few tips to take note of when thinking of hiring a financial advisor. HiBusiness has an article on it. Check it out.

Nonetheless, be wary of those advisors who only profit when you buy or sell a fund or security. These sort of advisors tend to have a conflict of interest.

#8. Fight Your Fears & Invest

Most women lack confidence when it comes to managing their money. It’s worth noting that day-to-day budgeting is rather different from handling proper financial investments.

To fight your fears, you need to understand them. One way to counteract fear is by using data. Looking at actual data aids in boosting confidence, as at times, things may not always be what it may seem from your perspective or what it was in the past.

Quit shaking in your boots and invest. You’ll be glad that you did.


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