The City Or The Surburbs?

The battle over deciding whether to buy a home in the suburbs or within an urban city center is a debate that plagues many prospective home buyers. There are many other variables to consider when taking such a decision. Much will depend on your lifestyle and affordability. Here are some reasons from both sides of the aisle to consider if you find yourself having to make this comparison.

Reasons to choose suburban


Usually, property prices in suburban areas are less when compared to the properties in urban areas.

Usually, property prices in suburban areas are less when compared to the properties in urban areas. Generally, you will get more square footage for less than it will cost in the city. You will get a three bedroom flat with a garden in suburbs with the amount you are paying for a two bedroom flat in an urban area. The suburbs offer affordable space needed for young families.

Less crime

When we look at statistics, suburbs have less crime areas. Chances are you will know everyone on your block, something that doesn’t often happen in the bustle of the city. Knowing that the neighbours will watch the house when you are away.

Better schools

For parents, this can mean all the difference when it comes down to it. Schools tend to be newer, with more amenities, and better access to the outdoors including playing fields and playgrounds. Even if you do not plan to have kids, knowing the state of the school district can be helpful come resale time.

Reasons to choose urban


Public transport facilities are normally better in urban areas, most large cities boast bus or train systems that run regularly and offer affordable rates that allow residents the opportunity to be mobile. This can make travelling from one location to another much more convenient and cost-effective.

Attractions & Entertainment

In urban areas, you can find a number of shopping malls, beautiful mature lined streets, heritage buildings, architecture, and specialty stores that are established city trademarks and everything will be available at your doorstep. Whether it is green space, museums, theater, music venues or other cultural attractions, most cities have an array of options for spending your free time.

Social Possibilities & Networking

With thousands and even millions of people living in close proximity, cities have unlimited social potential for friends and networking. While those with similar interests or backgrounds separate into many neighborhoods, cities also experience great diversity in common spaces. Urban life offers a chance to broaden your professional contacts and personal relationships.

You’ll Have Fun

There’s always something going on around you when you live in a metropolis. No matter what time of day or night, regardless of a blizzard or a national holiday, you can find something fun to do and people to do it with. If you’re overwhelmed, you can stay in your apartment, have a Netflix marathon and order all kinds of takeout. But when you want to get out and do something, you’ll never be at a loss…if anything, the problem will be narrowing down all of the amazing options.


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