What Do Tenants Want In A Rental Property

There is no one size fits all strategy when it comes to renting a property because each tenant has a different taste. It will be in the best interest of landlords to find appealing, inviting and comfortable ways to attract different buyers. The needs of tenants vary but there are some must have elements that tenants will always take into consideration. Here are various aspects of a rental property that most buyers want.

#1.The interior

When it comes to the inside of a house, tenants want everything to be in working order. In addition, the house must not be in need of repairs. Not only is maintenance essential for the safety of tenants, it also becomes profitable to have a house that renters do no have to spend money on for repairs. The house should also have a neutral color since you can’t tell the right color that every tenant will like.

#2.The exterior

The state of the exterior of the house has a great impact on prospective renters. Tenants like a house that is clean, neat, has enough parking spaces, large compound to hold functions etc. further more; tenants are very picky when it comes to their surroundings. A good first impression can be very appealing to tenants. Having the front of the house clean, tidy and welcoming is one thing that all prospective tenants want.

#3. Neighborhood

Although as a landlord you are not in control of the kind of schools, amenities or the growth of the neighborhood, landlords should give consideration about the area in which they buy properties. Having a house near shorts, parks, and playground or transportation facilities can be of advantage to landlords. A bad neighborhood on the other hand can be a deal breaker for most tenants.

#4.The landlord

Believe it or not, a landlord is one of the factors why a renter goes a property. Tenants like professional, respectful and helpful landlords. Tenants like landlords that are pleasing or understanding. A good landlord-tenant relationship is very vital for a smooth transaction. If a landlord is unpleasant, there are more chances for renters to go away even I the house is nice.


When trying to rent a property, landlords should imagine themselves in the position of renters. Landlords are face with great challenges when it comes to renting their properties because it is hard to predict what each and every tenant wants. To help in this aspect, landlords should get feedback from clients who have come to view the property and try to find out why they have not chosen their property. This way, they will be able to know the strengths of the property and in turn work on the weaknesses.


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