Five Mistakes To Avoid In A Home Inspection

A home inspection is something every would-be homeowner needs to seriously consider. After all, you wouldn’t want the home you spent top dollar on to just wither away in a matter of years. A home inspection is not just about evaluating your home but also how to maintain it and avoid major and expensive breakdowns.

Here are five mistakes you would want to avoid when making a home inspection.

#1. Not researching the inspector

Many people just take the first name thrown at them without doing any background checks on the inspector. You paid a lot of money for your property so you shouldn’t allow any tom, dick and harry to inspect your house for you.

Few questions you can ask are:

How long have you been inspecting homes?
How many inspections have you done?
What are your qualifications, certifications, and training?
What was your job before you were a home inspector?
Look for an inspector that is really good at what he does and one that can evaluate your house thoroughly and advice you on what to do.

#2. Not Being Present During The Inspection

Many people deem it unnecessary to be present during the inspection, leaving everything with the inspector. It is not a law that you should be present but it is advisable to be so you can get a better insight of the whole process. That way he can walk you through the whole process rather than giving you a report at the end of the inspection full of terminologies you don’t understand.

#3. Not Reading The Inspection Report

A lot of buyers and sellers do not take the time out to read the inspection report. You need to read the report so as to assess what the inspector thinks of the house and what needs to be fixed or upgraded. That is why it is important to choose an inspector produce a meaningful report.

#4. No Pre-sale Inspection

As a seller you would think it is the buyer that has to do the inspection, you couldn’t be more wrong. If you let the buyer do the inspection and then highlight the faults to you, you won’t have enough time to make those repairs and then sell the home on time. But if you the seller does the inspection first, you’ll have enough time to make all necessary repairs and keep the sale on track.

#5. Not Getting The House Prepared For An Inspection

An inspector would not like to meet the house in a state that is untenable for inspection. Unlock all necessary rooms that need to be inspected so the inspector will not have any trouble moving about. And also make sure the inspector do a shody job with the inspection due to his tight schedule, instead hire professionals that would do the inspection at once saving you the burden of another inspection.


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