Handling Your Parent(s) As Landlords

Every young person’s dream is to make it big, live in the comfort of their own home and build a family with the one they love. Unfortunately for some of us, things do not work out as planned and we find our way back to the nest back to mommy and daddy. Who would have thought of that?

Now you are back at your parents’ house and to salvage what is left of your independence you become a tenant, paying your way for accommodation in the nest. How do mommy and daddy fare as landlords? for those who feel the chills, this is the article for you.

#1. Have The Contract In Writing

Just because your landlord is your parent does not mean you shouldn’t have your lease in writing and sign paperwork. You are paying rent and therefore, it is needed to be down in writing and legally agreed upon by both you and your parent(s). This will be needed for further use to show that you have are a tenant there who pays monthly rent to live there, it will also help you in the near future when buying or leasing a property, to show as proof of your residential history.

#2. Set Your Limits

Parents are good at trying to find out what their child is up to. Hence, you need to be ready for the questions and them trying to find out what’s going on with you. Nevertheless, you can avoid this scenario by letting them know their boundaries and give them the heads up on your daily schedule. It is important for them to respect and value your privacy at all times, after all, even though you are back with mommy and daddy, you are all grown, right?

#3. Get Some Chores Done Around The House

We know you’re just renting and your parents are the owner of the house, but that does not mean you shouldn’t help around and get some chores done. Try to do the laundry, cut the grass, and sweep the patio. Anything you can do to lend a helping hand.

#4. Pay The Rent Before The Due Date

Do not give flimsy excuses or pay your rent late. Maybe you can come to agreeable terms to have the due date shifted to a more favorable date for you. However, don’t be so sure that can be done. Speak up and talk to your parents to give you some slack, proper and professional negotiation will do the magic for you.

#5. Be Truthful

In case you might be going through some difficulties and financial challenges, you don’t have to hide it from your parents. They are there to help you and see how they can assist you in one way or the other. Being upfront about things will make them understand and give you enough time to sort yourself out.

#6. Avoid Any Back And Forth Disputes

Although they want the best for us, there are times we wish they weren’t there and moments they make us go ballistic. Try your best not to get worked up about your parents complaining, do your best to avoid such from happening.


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