Starbucks Revamps Dress Code

Popular coffee chain, Starbucks, have recently announced a new face-lift to their employee dress code.

The move should be welcomed by employees of the franchise as it gives a whole lot more freedom in their choice of official attire.

Gone are the days baristas were required to be dressed strictly in black or white shirts, as well as only black or khaki bottoms, skirts or shorts. The company’s new policy also forfeits the official rule of only hats with the Starbucks logo as permissible headgear.

Starbuck’s latest dress policy includes a range of new options. As far as headgear is concerned, employees can now wear beanies and fedoras as well as other appropriate hats in grey, brown or black colours. Hairstyle and particularly hair colour are also less of an issue; employees are now permitted to dye their hair as long as it meets certain food safety standards.

Choice in bodily attire has also seen an apparent upgrade. Shirt colours now include navy, grey, brown and dark-denim. Baristas can now also wear tights to accompany shorts or skirts and dark-wash jeans also make it to the list of new exceptions.

Starbucks does still stress however, despite the new changes, employees must still dress appropriately and maintain a certain level of decency.

This wouldn’t be the first time the chain has revised its dress code. In 2014, baristas became allowed to wear nose studs, untuck shirts and show tattoos, as long as they were free from defamation or any derogatory messages.

The new policy is in effect in all Starbucks shops in the U.S, as well as 1,300 locations in Canada. The move is believed to have been introduced following overwhelming requests from employees. One of the main aims of the change is to grant more freedom to baristas and help assert their individuality.

From an observer’s standpoint, it could also add colour to the stores, making it livelier, vibrant and an overall relaxed environment to enjoy one of the coffee chain’s many delightful beverages.


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