EU-Canada free trade deal taken to court by French leftist lawmakers.

On Tuesday, more than 100 French lawmakers decided to request to the country’s constitutional council for the disputative free trade deal between the European Union and Canada to be barred.

It will boost jobs and economic growth on both sides of the Atlantic, says Supporters of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). While opponents say, it will lead to a race to the bottom in labor and environmental standards and allow multinational corporations to dictate public policy.

In a released public statement, the agreement implied a transfer of authority by signatory countries “beyond what they agreed upon in favor of the EU”, said by 106 members of France’s National Assembly.

Last week, CETA was backed by European Parliament lawmakers with a contented majority, noting that tariff reduction which is a large part of the deal, after negotiations begin will finally enter into force some eight years later.

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