Homes With Latest Energy Ratings Now Available

An announcement was made by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association of the new set of houses that had the privilege to get the latest ratings of the new energy. The Net Zero energy homes were modeled, built and designed to give out as much energy as it takes up on a normal basis.

Any home that can match up to the requirements or standards will be eligible to have the Net Zero Energy Ready rating; however, the one purchasing the house will have to take care of the installment of the renewable energy generation.

This recognition program is a test drive, first of its kind and piloted by the CHBA. Notable awards have been made to the Lucchetta Homes (Net Zero Energy Ready) and the Reid’s Heritage Homes (Net Zero Energy).

The one in charge who is the CEO of the CHBA, Kevil Lee pointed out that the people who are looking to buy homes in Canada are in search of homes that are energy efficient, and this method of classification aids homebuyers in knowing how authentic the home is and how well it can be able to serve them while they living there, either alone or with their family.


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