August Records Great Sales For Ontario

August turned out to be a good month for the real estate agents in London and St. Thomas as they happened to have had the best sales on record in that month. The number of condos that were sold in August amounted to 195, while the number of detached homes sold was at 804. The sales for the year-to-date increased by 9.1 percent.

The new month records for the previous months (April and June) were followed by the record for August.  The inventory in the market continues to seem constricted, as the previous 29.4 percent went down rendered by London and St. Thomas Association of Realtors.

The president of LSTAR, Stacey Evoy commented on the issue at hand and gave a brief advice saying: “Supply continues tight and demand high, if you’re thinking of listing your home, consider the fall market.”

Therefore, it’s better to stay alert and be on the outlook for the future when listing a home.


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