Differences Shown Between The Sales Of Detached Homes And Condos  

The sales of homes in the province of Calgary went down for last month with the sales figure showed to be 1,567. However, what the inventories in the detached and attached sectors revealed was quite a different story.

The chief economist for CREB, Ann-Marie Lurie said: “While overall sales have eased for detached homes, so too has the amount of new listings on the market preventing inventories from reaching previous highs and limiting the downward pressure on pricing, this is not the case in both the attached and apartment sectors which have recorded inventory levels near August highs.”

Due to the inventory level that has gone up in the apartment segment, it has caused the prices to go down, with the sector’s normal price declining by 7 percent over the years to $274,900, unlike the detached sector which went down by 3.3 percent to $503,200.


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