Agent Sharing Sold Data Receives Cease And Desist Letter

A website that was in the business of sharing Toronto’s sold data with subscribers has been “temporarily suspended.”

Following a cease and desist letter from the Toronto Real Estate Board’s legal counsel, Fraser Beach, an agent for the website posted an online message on Thursday stating that its publication had been temporarily suspended.

This comes as no surprise for the website as it has been a recipient of such legal threats.

In March last year, the website was pulled down following a similar letter from TREB.

“In light of recent developments, we fear that making this information available to you, in this form, may be threatening our ability to continue operating as a real estate brokerage,” Beach wrote at the time.

However, barely a month letter, the website was in operation again.

Beach, the broker of record for Select/Plan Real Estate and the agent behind, said to REP at the time, “The public wants to get more involved and do their due diligence…and determine for themselves what is happening with real estate values,” adding “The service was invaluable to them to know what’s really happening in the market place.”

Earlier this summer, TREB was ordered to make available its sold data to the public following a competition tribunal ruling. In July, the board claimed that it was appealing that decision.

REP has made an effort to get to Fraser Beach. This story is still developing.


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