Bad News For Canadian Personal Finances

Bloomberg and Nanos Research released personal data of consumers which indicated that Canadians are becoming very much worried about the state of their personal finances. The ending week of October 14 showed that the total Canadian Confidence Index was very much stable, but the sub-index for personal finances and job security along with the housing market prices and the country’s economy was at a low level.

The Chairman of the Nanos Research Group, Nik Nanos; noted that when asked about their personal finances, Canadians are twice as likely to say it is worse than better than a year ago.”

The personal finances positivity was at 13.95 some time back, unlike the 15.18 per cent it was at earlier on. The average percent for this year is currently at 15.58 per cent, while the average for the year 2008 to 2006 is t 18.59 per cent.


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