Air Transat Testing Taxiing Emissions

If you are afraid of flying, then this might increase your anxiety a bit. Air Transat is planning to test and deploy the WheelTug system at the Trudeau International Airport in Montreal. The WheelTug system will allow the plane to taxi from the runway to the gate without using fuel. Economically and environment-friendly.

If the Montreal-based carrier pulls this off, it will become the very 1st carrier in the world to use the system.

How does the WheelTug system work?

The system utillizes an electric motor in the nose gear to help the aircraft go back and forth, so to speak.

The system will save the airline both money and fuel. There is a possibility that cameras will be installed on the fuselage. This will help the pilot to reverse without the help of the ground crew and plane tugs.

According to the CEO WheelTug, Isaiah Cox, the system will save up to a whopping US$1M per plane. The company wants a 50-50 deal.

The 135kg system uses 1/6 of the fuel that is utilized during taxing; will cut down CO2 emissions by 64%-77%; and nitrous oxide by 46%-64%.

CEO Cox is hopeful that the system will be in use by the end of this year.


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