Green Giant returns with new recipes and a modern twist

After a long period of break in activity, the Green Giant brand returns with brand new recipes and an up to date twist. Processing frozen vegetables is an unnerving task to do but for B&G Foods they believe there is a group that is well suited to accomplish the task.

For a long while, Green Giant which is over 100 year old had suspended all of their activities but last year B&G bought the company from General Mills for $765 million and is making plans to bring back the brand with a new approach. B&G claims that the best way to bring aboard parents and children is by having new recipes and leaving them in expectation.

During a minute advertisement released in September called “The Giant Awakens,” people were surprised as it had been a while that the Green Giant was seen on screens.

According to David R. Just, professor and co-director of the Cornell Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Programs, the advertisement left people want more, leaving think to ponder on what will happen next. He believes that the brand is doing a good job.

Jordan Greenberg, vice president and general manager of the Green Giant brand at B&G also stated that the advertisement was one of a kind.

The advertisement was just an insight to what is to unfold and for younger viewers; it is an interesting way to reintroduce the giant that had been asleep for some time.

Currently, there are several campaigns of the Green Giant and each comes out with a spectacular feel attached to it.

Also speaking about the ongoing campaign, Bob Cantwell, president and chief executive of B&G highlighted that the $30 million estimated to be used on the campaign is just the starting point as they are planning on spending more on the brand.

Although the majority of the fund is meant for TV advertisements, the campaign will also comprise of things such as mobile pop-up stands at the concerts and other events where people can get to taste new dishes. The campaign will also feature on well know magazines such as People and Real Simple.

For Greenberg, the giant brand is like the return of a superhero.

As a way to promote healthy eating B&G will be introducing 15 healthy products including roasted vegetables, mashed cauliflower and vegetables tots which will replace the usual ingredients like broccoli and potatoes.


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