Marijuana dispensary slows down business for Ottawa real estate agent

Marijuana dispensary slows down business for Ottawa real estate agent
Shane Silva president of the Ottawa Real Estate Board stated that a newly established marijuana shop that was opened near his office acted as a barrier for his business. He stated that the illegal marijuana shop sacred off some of his workers.

He had to move out of his HomeLife Capital Realty office on Innes Road because there was concern that clients will fear coming to his office because they do not feel safe coming to an area that has an illegal pot-shop just around the corner.

He has already had five of his agents quitting their jobs and according to him investors or home buyers will not appreciate to come to his office to make the biggest deal in their life and then all of a sudden begin to smell weed coming from the next door.

For the time being, Silva is doing business with his clients in the basement of his house and he has plans to end his lease period. However the police last Friday raided the dispensary and it has been closed down. The raid was also done at other illegal shops across the country.

The owner of the mall where the pot shop was being operated stated that he had no clue that the buyers had intended to sell marijuana in the shop. He went on to state that the initial agreement for the shop was to establish a “compassion pharmacy.” In his own view, he had thought that the pharmacy will cater for the poor and also provide low cost services.

The lawyer handling the case for Taing explained that a notice has been given to all tenants including Silva stating that there lease will be terminated in the next five months.

But for Silva, he was not too happy with this as he stated that the landlords should compensate him for the consequences of the illegal shop that was opened as it had run down his business.
Silva had planned to renew his lease for another ten year as he explained that his business would reach its climax in the few years to come.

He added that he was never prepared for such a situation but he is not against medical marijuana as it has its health benefit but restrictions should also be made on its use as some people abuse it.
Patients with medical prescriptions by the Health Canada are allowed to make use of the drug but many dispensaries operating in Canada are illegal.
Real estate agents that find lease for such illegal shops can be fined by the Real Estate Council of Ontario.


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