Some first-time purchasers reconsider home ownership dreams as home costs take off.

Prior this year, Meghan Morrison and her life partner settled on the troublesome choice to include two hours of driving onto their day keeping in mind the end goal to seek after their fantasy of owning a house.

The couple could have obtained a condo in the Toronto territory, where they both work, yet Morrison says they needed more space to have the capacity to participate in their leisure activities and, in the long run, begin a family.

“We looked at new builds in Toronto and it’s just like, oh my gosh, $400,000 for 600 square feet,” says Morrison, 26.

“It was a really tough decision,” Morrison says. “We struggled with it for a long time. But we just couldn’t see ourselves living in a condo forever.”

With home costs in Toronto, Vancouver and their encompassing ranges taking off progressively distant, some first-time purchasers are being compelled to either move out of the city or reexamine their home possession dreams.

Phil Soper, president of Royal LePage, says sales volumes are down in regards to 20% in Alberta from their long term average.

“The regional disparities are as great as I’ve ever seen them,” Soper says.

“Depending on your views, it was one of the toughest years in the housing market since the Great Recession, or it’s crazy overheated and the government should step in and do something about it.”

The B.C. government propelled an arrangement to offer loans to help first-time home buyers get into the real estate market. The loans are interest-free and payment free for the initial five years.

“Clearly 2016 has been, from a policy perspective, a very important year that will impact the trajectory of the housing market in the coming years,” Tal said.

The new mortgage rules presented by Ottawa in October, which require every single insured mortgages to experience an anxiety test, will probably bring about some eventual purchasers to continue leasing rather, Tal said.

“I do imagine that the rental market will be significantly more tightly,” he said.


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