Canadians are still in favor of shopping malls

If you are an online retailer and think online shopping will cut down  the number of malls, then count Canada out. Shopping malls are still big in Canada and residents still prefer the traditional way of doing their shopping. Shopping malls in Canada have over the years had higher growth rates in comparison to the U.S.

Although the Canadian currency value had dropped recently, this did not stop Canadians from doing their shopping and data from the Retail Council of Canada shows that sales by square foot in Canada is higher than that of the U.S.

In the U.S online shopping is bringing an end to shopping malls but according to Craig Patterson, author of the study, this is not the case for Canada.

He also stated that Canadian shoppers have access to 16.5 square feet of shopping mall per capita. Canada also boasts of shopping malls having connection to offices and transit lines.

Furthermore, Canada has the two leading busiest shopping malls in North America.

Nevertheless, malls with the highest sales per square foot are found in the U.S. but this is not stopping online retailers from taking the spotlight.

Although online shopping is quite convenient and can be carried out at the comfort of buyer’s homes, Canadians shoppers still prefer going through different malls and seeing a wider range of goods.

Mall shoppers also get first-hand evaluation of the item they want to buy and in regards to doing clothing shopping, mall shoppers get to try on items they want to purchase and also feel the texture of what they are buying.

Therefore, if you are a shopper that prefers the traditional way of carrying out shopping, then consider Canada.


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